Fishkeeper Scotland is coming to Aberdeen and Dundee!

MA_Scotland logo reverseWe are pleased to announce that we will be opening two new stores inside the Dobbies Garden Centres in Aberdeen and Dundee in late May / early June.

The existing aquatics sections will be taken over by Fishkeeper Scotland during May, although at Aberdeen construction has already begun on an extension to provide us with a footprint which is double the size of the existing department. In Dundee we have already drawn up our exciting plans to hold more fish and products than ever before.

Additions will include brand new marine fish and invert systems along with a wide range of specialist marine products at both sites. The existing aquatics sections will be reworked to hold a much wider range of interesting and unusual freshwater species along with more tanks, cabinets and accessories to choose from.

Our product selection will be as wide as possible with the stores stocking many of our exclusive as well as favourite brands such as: AquaOak Aquariums, Aquamanta Filtration, AquaCare Foods & Supplements, Reef Nature Reef Ceramics, Microbe-Lift Treatments, Evolution Aqua Marine and Pond Products, New Era specialist foods, JBL, Red Sea and D&D along with many others!

We are looking forward to offering “everything for the Scottish fishkeeper” in Aberdeen & Dundee. Please feel free to give us feedback in the comments as to what you would like to see in particular in your local Fishkeeper Scotland store…

Please note that the existing aquatics sections in the garden centres continue to be run independently by Dobbies until we start work on site in late May.


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