South East Asia Buying Trip – Day 1 – Jakarta Hard and Soft Corals

Our first day in Jakarta was a long but enjoyable one. We escaped the chaotic traffic and visited a coral supplier in the outskirts of the city. This is an existing supplier that we use regularly for soft corals and from time to time for hard corals – mostly LPS. All corals were kept at a salinity of 1.026 using natural seawater which is brought in from the coast nearby on a weekly basis. Temperature was maintained at 27 degrees celsius.








We started by hand selecting the very best 600 hard corals from a stock holding of over 3000 pieces. Due to the limited stock available, on this trip we are directly selecting on behalf of 20 of Maidenhead Aquatics and Fishkeeper Scotland’s 115+ stores as well as building future relationships with the suppliers for the remaining stores.




This supplier is where our popular “Coral Gardens” come from. These are a piece of plating rock with several different types of polyps growing together as a colony and we were able to witness these being produced.


There was a great selection of soft corals of which we hand picked over 1000 of the best pieces which will arrive into selected stores along with the hard corals from this facility on Tuesday evening of this week (20/11/2012).



We also saw some cultured SPS which have been propagated and grown in the Jakarta region and were destined for export to Japan. These corals are not available to us in the UK yet but looked very promising… It will be interesting to compare them to the cultured corals that we will see and hand select in Bali next week. A little sneak preview….


Click on the images below for a fullscreen gallery:

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